The Restaurant

Jardin Mazarin

Is a restaurant whose mission is to make you rediscover simple, traditional and revisited cuisine.

The Restaurant

Located in the historic heart of Aix en Provence, the Place of Quatre Dauphins is one of the most visited places in the city and has become an institution.

First it was the nobility and aristocracy who lived there. Today the bourgeoisie has settled there and hides its wealth behind high stone walls covered with ivy.

Its two main axes: rue du 4 Septembre and rue Cardinale. Its centerpiece: the Fountain of the Four Dolphins.

About us

Already recognized in the Aix restaurant scene, "Jardin Mazarin", a restaurant located in the heart of the Place des Quatre Dauphins, one of the most visited places in Aix-en-Provence.

Joseph and Vanessa, the owners, sign a warm, friendly establishment with a cozy elegance for all gourmets looking for a revisited cuisine.

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